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Brooklyn NY

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**Yo!, IM HOME**

Akhira N. Ismail

HOW!  No, this isn’t the American Indian satire form of hello used in corny early western films.  This is the 3-letter word that inspired innovator Simone Woodroffe to create the fast moving sushi-YO! Sushi, and creative capsule hotel of YO! Hotel.  It will be this magical word that allowed him to address the concern of the ever so decreasing size of living space with his creation of YO! Home.

 YO! Home sandwiches the innovation of stage design and interior comforts to maximize your living space.  HOW” did they do this?  Well, by using moving mechanics in unexpected places like the ceiling, inside walls, under floor to enclose everything you need.  Sound interesting because it is.

Inside the 2012 YO! Home prototype at London’s 100% Design; the bedroom lifts up and reveals a sunken living room with a hidden storage. The cinema screen drops from the ceiling. The office desk transforms into a guest bed and slides out a pocket wall for added privacy.  The bathroom shower reveals a sunken hot tub.  In addition, the kitchen opens up behind sliding doors and wheels out an island… Heeewwww, that was a mouth full for 80m flat (American translation that’s about 850 sqft apartment) but its doooopppe!


Woodrofe expects YO! Home to be the new affordable urban living for the working class. HOWever, I still have my eyebrow raised on whether this prototype will actually hit the market. Would it really be affordable? Could it adapt to smaller spaces?   Then again, with Woodrofe and  the Yo Team will power and persistence this could be coming to a condo building near you next week.  Yet, it’s this type of inspiring innovation that seats Woodroffe next to Steve Jobs and Charles Bronson.  Its “ HOW” genius is revealed by answering one question.  And its these words” YO IM HOME”, that could transform the way we live … 

This my style décor, See if its your, Go Explore… See spec below.

DESIGNER: Simone Woodroffe
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
HOW TO USE:   you live in it..
COST:  inquire through website

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