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Brooklyn NY

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* WaTer CaUght In a STEEL Caption*

Akhira N. Ismail

South Africa, a country known for their world-class leader (Nelson Mandela), their lively spirits and beautiful smiles, is carving out a niche in the interiors.  This country was once in a box bursting out of the seams with creativity.  However, when apartheid was lifted, inspiration, possibilities, and innovation spread through out the country and the world.  So, there is no surprise to see a revolutionary technique created from this country through an artist called Rado.
Rado - a mad hatter who took all his aggression and frustration out on solid steel and transformed it to move with the water.  This transformation produced the “ Mercury Effect”.  Now don’t get it twisted, Rado is not an amateur artist banging on a piece of metal and by accident something magical happened.  He’s an artist with major technique backed by many years of working with metal. I mean really, his work speaks for itself.   Have you even seen steel capture the movement of water?  Well, now you have.

You want to know, how does this effect related to interiors?  Well imagine this effect as your dining table, desk, water feature, headboard, door, bar, shall I go on.  How about mixing the steel with a different media like wood planks on a wall.    This is what happens when South Africa touches you, creativity is endless an creates an effect a Mercury effect…  What kind of effect do you want achieve?    See specs below.
HOW TO USE:  Table, desk, ottoman, Out door furniture, Door, Headboard, etc.
COST:  1-2 Ottomans cost $1700- price vary on quantity and style
This is my style décor, See if it yours, Go Explore..
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Mercury Vase

Garden Sculpture