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Brooklyn NY

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*Walk on the Symbols to Heaven*

Akhira N. Ismail

There is a company, which creates rugs that would have you walking on heavenly mountains. No, literally, your walking on heavenly mountains.  How is that possible?  Felt rugs create beautiful artistic rugs which stores ancient wisdom and secrets through shyrdak symbols.  What is Shyrdak you say?  Well, they are ancient Kyrgyzstan symbols that represent  birds, animals, mountains and rivers. These symbols are combined together to tell a story about the Heavenly mountains that is portrayed right on your rug.  Cool huh.  They are crafted on highest quality 100% wool felt  and comes in multiple combination of color from brights, to neutral colors.  Another fact about these rugs are they very very very beautiful great works of art.  It can give a modern space  a little ethnicity that can take your place up a notch… If you cant decide on what type of art to put up on your wall, felt rugs are a great substitute. 

You can commission these carpets to be made in different sizes, color, pattern and even meaning.   Now if the rugs are just to much for but you love the style and you can comprise with pillows or floor cushion- they make it all.   See specs below.

STYLE: Ethinic, Bohemian, Traditional
HOW TO USE:  use on floor or as wall hanging
COST:  Rugs: inquiry through website/ Floor Cushions- $542 ea./ Pillows- $197 ea.

This is my style décor, See if it yours, Go Explore..
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