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Brooklyn NY

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*Problem+Poland= Coffee Bench*

Akhira N. Ismail

There’s nothing like a project taking a life of it’s own and creating such a buzz that its being recognized through out the world.   This is what happened to polish designer Karolina Tyika.  She had an issue.  She needed of table for her coffee and newspaper in her garden.  This necessity led to the birth of Coffee Bench.  Coffee Bench, an all in one piece of furniture with rotating elements that converts into a table and chair.  Issue solved.

This beautiful piece is not just limited to the garden.  For your added comforted the bench can be upholstered in leather or felt and featured in your humble abode, or office.  I can imagine these benches sprinkled around New York City, in the parks etc.
I love innovation at it best, problem + solution = Coffee Bench.  This what happen when designs fly without any boundaries.  Have cup of coffee and read newspaper on Coffee Bench. There are various combination of that this bench can rotate to.   See specs and pic below.  
DESIGNER:  Karolina Tyika
HOW TO USE:   Garden, Office, Commercial
COST: inquire within website
This is my style décor, See if it yours, Go Explore..
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