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Brooklyn NY

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**Nothing But a WINNER Here- Rugs that is **

Akhira N. Ismail


Most people don’t understand why rugs cost so much. You know the ones you really like, with perfect color and design. Then, you pass out from the price.  Well the answer is simply “QUALITY”!  It is the quality of the rug that determines the price.   Quality- made from silk or wool and is used with words like hand knotted and hand tufted.   You will under stand quality when you just see or step on one of UK designer Sonya Winner rugs.  The softness feels like a down blanket on under your feet infused with color.   Yes, I know you’re saying ( you saw and felt that before from a new rug or wall-to-wall carpeting), but I’m here to tell you that you haven’t.  This is not some cheap rug with a beautiful design that shed all over your room until it gets a hole in it ( come from experience).  Sonya Winner’s rugs are not just quality, its amazing design, color, style and artistry. 


Sonya has created a style where she can layer colors and dimensions on a rug.  Her color palate is compared to some of the great artist like Matisse.  Although, for me, its reminds me of great graffiti artist like Saberone.   Her amazing artistry and indelible quality will define this  generation as Mozart distinguish great classical music in the 18th century.



How can one designer embody all these qualities?  Well I don’t know, maybe her mother gave birth to her in designer paint, while reading about Michelangelo, listening to jazz, and smoking a little kush for the pain. However, no matter how she got here I’m glad she is here. She is using her talent to infuse a kaleidoscope of colors and imagination right under your feet. If you ever have the pleasure of purchasing or checking out her rugs, you have definitely got a WINNER..(couldn’t help using the cliché of her name).

 This is my style décor see if  it yours, Go and Explore… See specs below

NAME:  The Signature Collection


COUNTRY: United Kingdom



HOW TO USE:   Wall hanging or floor rug

COST: $1200- and custom  ( measure by square feet)



* Akhira I.