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Brooklyn NY

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Akhira N. Ismail

I hate to say this but the first time I heard the word “modular shelf” was when IKEA invaded the USA.  I was just out of highschool and modular was freakin cool.
However, after more than 15 years that word is being tossed all over the market to describe any type of  ‘square shelves”.   With the market being saturated in modular wordplay, I’ve been looking to upgrade my shelves into a formation that I desire.   Who came to rescue me with my modular mayhem, Germany with Cubits. Yep, its MODULAR SHELVES, with a twist… I love the twist. 
Cubit is a modular shelving system that has 22 different type of boxes to form your own custom version of modular shelves.  Their patent connector system and clamp system enables you to stack these shelves and add to them with no problem.   And get this, you don’t have to put it together, the boxes come completely assembled yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!.  Take that IKEA.
I don’t need to tell you how to use modular shelves but with Cubit, its a possibility overload.  You can make DJ table, wall art, what ever your imagination can conquer up, Cubit got it.  To get more ideas, check out customer picture link on there website.  You will see some cool formation that will inspire you.  See specs below.
Name:  Cubits| Modular Shelving System
HOW TO USE:  Bedroom, Living, Office, Lounge, Commericial
COST:  staring at 18 euros / convert: $25.86 - 2 colors (black or white)
This is my style décor, See if it yours, Go Explore..
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How about a coffee table? :)

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