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*Master of Manipulation: Giles Miller*

Akhira N. Ismail

There is a safe way to do things and then there is the Giles Way.  When you take the Giles way of doing things ordinary cardboard turns into furniture, waterproof apple laptop cases, grandfather clocks and Stella McCartney pop-up store. Really cardboard, Yesssss CARDBOARD!  Giles Miller has mastered the art of manipulating materials to the unexpected.  

This year he has added some new kids on the block- new techniques with materials and surfaces.  He updated his world famous fluting technique on cardboard. Inaddition, Giles reinvented ordinary materials into unrecognizable masterpiece through technique called pixelation. This pixelation technique allow Giles to manipulated surfaces to reflect light that creates imagery. Below are pic of the new techniques of Giles..

FLUTING: imagery is drawn in cardboard by alternating the direction of the corrugation, now with 3D shapes coming through

GIGI: combination of pleating and hand sewn fabric which is cut open to form a 3D pixelation in surface of the material- this one is shaped as a flower.

PIXELATION: Clover shaped pixels to form the Lions head in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Singapore.

Now if you are interested in buying some of Giles cardboard furniture.  See specs below

Name:  Giles Miller
DESIGNER:  Giles Miller
COUNTRY:  United Kingdom
COMPANY:  Giles Miller
HOW TO USE:  Bedroom, Livingroom, Commerical etc.
COST: inquiry on website 

This is my style décor, See if it yours, Go Explore..
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