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Brooklyn NY

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*LigHtiNg FrOm ThE GrOuNd and Up*

Akhira N. Ismail

Nature is the ultimate creation and the inspiration of it can brings out your ultimate creation. ..  When you let that inspiration engulf your imagination watch the wonder it can create. What may come out of it will enlighten others.  

This is what happened to  Studio Drift when the flight a birds gave them a bright idea.  They created a new lighting called “Flylight” which is inspired by the flight of the birds. This masterpiece is covers two floors in a private house in Moscow.  It is created with 200 glass tube. It light up through sensors that to respond to the movement of the stairs.  Its lights up like a dance and creates a pattern similar to the wind pattern of the birds. Beautiful.

For a small version of Nature inspired lighting check out Dandelight . Dandelight is a combination of a electronic circuit and real dandelions. It lights up by a battery and LED lighting.  So simplistic and a true star. I can see this as my night light on my side table.

This my style décor, See if its yours, Go Explore…. See specs below.

NAME: Flylight and Dandelight
DESIGNER: Studio Drift/ Lonneke Gordijn
STYLE: Innovative
HOW TO USE:  Commercial, Loft,Grand Entrance, side table, hallway lighting
COST: Flylight is commissioned, Dandelight is 85 euros/ $112

* Fly Akhira I.