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Brooklyn NY

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* Its not Feathers, Its Plumes!*

Akhira N. Ismail

Trend Alert: Feather lighting ( yes actually feathers)… Something I saw a lot of while in London Design Week.  However, there was one company that stood out in front of the rest and that’s Pluma Cubic.   Berlin designer Heike Buchfelder exhibited her sultry red feather pendants in Tent London.  These huge pendants were perched to the ceiling and created a red glow that easily turned the industrial space of Tent to a seductive nightclub. 

Heike utilized something the average butcher would depose of feathers.  Then transformed these beautiful plumes to light our inner space.  This is not as easy and collecting falling pigeon feather and creating a light.  And please don’t go plucking feather off your canary leave it to the professionals.  Heike (the professional) handpicks 2000- 4000 goose or rooster feather to create these pendants. 

Not only are there 2000-4000 feathers to create one lamp but, ALL the feathers must look like. Now that some detail! Due to the strength of the horn in the feather, it makes these light features very durable. Like the Native American feather ornaments, these feather fixtures can last centuries.   The one thing that I asked her that was very important to me was “ How do you clean it”?  Her answer was simple, “lightly with a Hoover”.  It’s the simplicity in things that allow people to create the amazing.  Heike was able to do that- by capturing the amazing in nature and allowing its light to glow.   See specs below….

Name:  KUGEL K
HOW TO USE:  Bedroom, Livingroom, Commerical etc.
COST: $4000 each

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