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Brooklyn NY

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**Its ALive, Its Alive.. The wall that is..**

Akhira N. Ismail


Walking in Anthropologie in Soho London I was in awe of the huge ceiling to floor wall of lushes green plants. This luscious jungle was scaling up the wall and it looked amazing.  I kept saying how did they do that.  They brought the outdoors indoor literally.  So I was on the hunt to find out how did they do it and who?

So here it is company Biotecture has creating eco system scaling up the walls.

 -Biotecture Ltd is dedicated to designing and implementing sustainable green/living walls for buildings and the built environment.  Plants are pre-grown vertically in a unique, patented, modular hydroponic system, designed to deliver precise, low water usage and low maintence.


How did they do this? First, they created a plan for the space. Next, they chose the perfect plants that create a color and a design balance for the wall. Then, they implemented it to the wall.  Finally, it creates a living wall dream.


Biotecture walls are yet really for the home market but it definitely can great a green environment in your commercial space. I can imagine these walls on the high traffic streets in New York.  I also can see this incorporate in many outdoor space within restaurants and retail spaces.  This is the great green thumb for the brick and mortar business and green architecture.  Go crazy make a jungle in your business.  Please beware this does not exclude the occasional bugs or bird nest.  This is my style décor, See if it yours, Go Explore.  See specs below…..

Richard Sabin
COUNTRY:  United Kingdom

HOW TO USE:  architecture building and commercial walls
COST:  subject to the job- inquire within website

* Akhira I.