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Brooklyn NY

Everytime you step in your front door,  You should be stepping into the person you believe you should be and am. 


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Inspired by Jean Paul Gauliter

Akhira N. Ismail

It’s been a couple of months  since I posted anything because I’ve been in a uninspired funk. When that happens, I get quite.  Then, Im on the hunt for my jolt.  No, not the soft drink but inspiration which fills my heart up with design. Today was that day.   I found my jolt- in one word “Gaultier”.  Great fashion designers inspire me. They make appreciated detail, design, color, thinking outside the box, following your heart, and just being a f*cking maverick.  How can you not be inspired by that?  So thank you Brooklyn Museum and my friend Fresh for getting me out of my funk.  Below are  some pics of Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in the Brooklyn Museum.. Good design relates to anything even decor. Lets see what you get out of it.   This is my style decor, See if its yours go and Explore……

Name: Jean Paul Gauliter

Country: Brooklyn, New York USA

Where: Brooklyn Museum

Cost: $15

More information: