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Im International Baby: 100% Design and Tent London welcomes "Daily of Dose of Decor"

Akhira N. Ismail

What would take me out of NYC to purchase a last minute 7 hour flight to London?  Answer: interiors, architecture, furniture design, new talent, new ideas and a press pass for 2 major interior architecture design show. :)…
I was honored to be requested and listed as press for 100% Design and Tent London.  These two design shows set the bar for innovation and just raw talent.  Walking into these shows you can feel the creativity buzzing off the walls.  Whether it was the hallway light show of 100% Design or the raw industrial space of Tent London, each show set the stage for a blast of great design.
It felt good to be in a innovative and creative environment.  There were so many companies from established brands to emerging designers.  Each of them displayed a passion for there product and  had a story about the creation of there work.  You can feel the trends around the corner, like the reemerging of gold in lighting and accessories, geometric shapes in chairs, printed tile, and innovation of small spaces. You will also see the differences in the country influences from Norway, to France, to Argentina.. 
Some of designers were very surprised that I flew from New York to London just to check out the show but they were  happy I did and eager for me to write about them.  In addition, they loved my business card ..“ thank you Moo”. What they didn’t know is that I live for this type of stuff.  I am a design addict.  I love to showcase new designers and product especially in decor. . It give my readers new information that they didn’t have before. In addition, its creates a platform for the designer to promote and sell to a global audience.  As a bonus, it awaken the creative and  entrepreneur spirit which is priceless.  Im excited about this season of new articles and product to show you. So follow me into the world of decor exploring one  country at time.
PS: I was very happy to hear that some of the designers had viewed by blog many times and have it listed in there favorites , Im international!! …yeeaaahhhh :)
*Fly Akhira I.