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Brooklyn NY

Everytime you step in your front door,  You should be stepping into the person you believe you should be and am. 


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**I'll Piss On That!**

Akhira N. Ismail

“So who thought that someone would go into the bathroom and say ” I hate these urinals,  I need to design new ones".   This guy went home, had a couple of drinks, rushed to bathroom and the ideas started to flow out into the water.  All of the drinks and ideas made him hungry. While eating he laughed at the idea of urinals shaped like forks..  After many designs of other utensils - He thought the spoon was the best for this new innovative product.  He did it.  Men would now go into the bathroom and are in awe of the urinal they have to pee into. Now you can now pee in style. This new urinal design would spark new ideas to metabolic schemes, and master plans to rule world all from the Spoon Urinal" 

This is my interpretation of how this cool urinal came about.  However, the idea was a lot simplifier. The UK designers of Phillip Watts in Nottingham just wanted a match to a sink called the spoon sink. So they came up with Spoon urinals.  I don’t think they thought it would be such a hit though.  Its now,  the new look for spillage.  I would install these Spoons in a new club or just in your own bathroom.  It would eliminate me falling into the toilet in the middle of the night and spillage cascading along the sides.   So thank you, Philip Watts for making peeing look so freaking cool.  Now Piss Off!…  This is my style décor, See if it yours, Go Explore…. See spec below!

DESIGNER: Philip Watts Design
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
HOW TO USE:  Hotels, Clubs,
COST:  708.00 pounds /$1,260

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