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Brooklyn NY

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*I want my pocket light Ryan Harc!!!*

Akhira N. Ismail


Design studio Ryan Harc must have observed many women digging in their black holes they called a bag looking for keys and came up with an genius idea- A pocket light! Its not another broken mini flash light banished to live as another trinket on your key chain. This, my dear, is a pocket light that is a sleek skinny card which slides in and out your wallet like money- honey (lol).  Flip the light bulb up and it connects with a small battery and wa-la your light.  It is one of the most compact lighting sources I have every seen. It provides adequate light for you to read or just to look for something in your overly sized pocket book.


I wish this light was in stores because I would go out and get it.  I would carry this with me always like my phone…. Please Ryan Harc make these available to the public!!! Maybe if we flood their inbox with requests, they would put it into production.. finger crossed -  This is my Style Décor, See if It’s Yours, Go and Explore.

Name: Pocket Light

Designer: Ryan Harc Studio- Ryan Yoon & Harc Lee

Country:  London- United Kingdom

How to Use: as flashlight or reading light

How much: wish I knew because I would buy it now.