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Hurricane Sandy needed a Vacation: **Seora Crystal**

Akhira N. Ismail

Now as I said: Hurricane Sandy really had me thinking about a vacation in warm sunny island next to the Caribbean Sea.

So right now I imagine:

I am on the beach in Jamaica with the sun browning my skin.  I have a plate of fruit  and coconut concoction cocktail made to make me smile while im saying “mmmmmm”.   All of this happening as I swaying next to the sea water in my Seora Luxury Crystal Hammock.  

Yep, inspired by Miami, designed from an Italian, and made in the UK is Seora Luxury Hammock.  If you are used to the fabric or net taught hammock than designer Anthony Logothetis changed this aged old idea by adding structure.  These all-weatherproof luxury hammocks are created to make sure you can relax with comfort. The skeleton structured is ergonomically arranged to support your back and natural body positions.

This hammock comes in 4 different colors and 2 materials, Gurjan marine plywood and/or poly carbonate.  For added manageability it can be easily broken down and stored in any shed or however you store your pool, beach, or yacht accessories.  However, my favorite is there new the Luxury Crystal because it looks I’m laying on diamonds and it sooooo compliments my skin.   So Seora, thanks for giving my mental vacation. I look forward to relax in style with you on my next vaca… This is my style décor see if yours, Go and explore…. See specs below.

NAME:  La Senora Crystal
Anthony Logothetis
COUNTRY:  ITALY/ United Kingdom

HOW TO USE:  Pool Side or Beach side
COST:  $1,270- UP

* Akhira I.