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Brooklyn NY

Everytime you step in your front door,  You should be stepping into the person you believe you should be and am. 


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*Grandma wallpaper, I think Not!– Mr.Perwall *

Akhira N. Ismail



My mother was never shy of using wall paper to get her style aesthetic.  Our 1st floor bathroom is pasted with a beautiful green forest scenic which took 4 panels and hours to put up. She achieved her goal of having every guest to feel like you are copping a swat in the forest. Lol.  The point is wall paper never left. However, it did take a nose dive late 80’s and early 90’s.  It has reemerging with vengeance with the mid-century modern explosion.


One major player hit the scene in the year 2000 and transformed the wall paper game- Mr. Perswall. The Swedish company, Mr. Perswall used a digital printer to create any style of wall paper without using panels. How? They can print a pattern for an entire wall.  So what would usually take  several patience pasting hours might just take an hour..  There innovation and creative is conveyed in there motto “ There collections of wall paper always reflect what is and what feels contemporary in our society”. 


This is displayed in there mass collections which is categorized in moods for example, communication, expression, adventure memories, nostalgic etc.  In addition, you can upload your own photos or design to create mood on your wall.  This is a company my mother wish existed in her wallpaper pasting days. So instead of painting, create a stylized wall with Mr. Perswall.  This is my style décor, See if it yours go and Explore.  See specs below…

Name: Mr.Perwalls

Country: Sweden

How to Use : on any wall

Cost: varys – sold by meter