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**Grade this Soap?**

Akhira N. Ismail


I know that most people are into the liquid soaps and hand sanitizers.  However, I still like the plain -ole- bar of soap.  My two reasons for using a bar of soap is: its cheaper and it last longer. My two down falls are:  the residue left behind in a soap dish and lingering piece hair on a wet bar of soap… eeelllll.   Well not anymore with product designer Nathalie Stamplfi Soap Flakes, I can use a bar soap without the mess. 


Soap Flakes uses a bar of soap, placed it into the well designed grader and with a push, it shaves the soap into your hand.  A cheap bar of soap + Soap Flakes = a win, win to me.  This is cool.-  Check out more Nathalie Stampfli clever designs. This is my Style Decor,  See if its yours, Go and Explore… see specs below…

Name: Soap Flakes

Designer; Nathalie Stampfli

Country: Switzerland

How to Use: Bathroom ( alternative to liquid soap)

Where to buy:  email for info:  info(at)

*Akhira I.