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Brooklyn NY

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* Dreaming Inside of a "Sleep box"!*

Akhira N. Ismail

30% of Americans have a passport- Me included.. Saying that, you can understand why most Americans do not travel outside the country. Our comprehension of life outside the USA is limited to news, movies, and internet.   I mean really, United States is so large that each state is like a mini country.  To fly from New york City to California is an 8 hour flight and across two different time zones. 

When it come down to our accomdations in the USA its either a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast.   So if I ask American about a Hostel the first thing they think about is the thriller movie which made you scared to back pack through Europe. So to my American com-padres a Hostel is sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a bunk bed, in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge and sometimes a kitchen.  With that information, let me introduce you to the new face of the Hostel called a  Sleep Box

No, Sleep box is not an oversize a sleeping pill.  Sleep box is a Russian engineered soundproof box to fit single, two, or  three bunk beds with modern amenities, wifi, night stand, flip out table, linens,etc in an unique shaped space.  It provides a quick escape from searching for a hotel.  It can be used in public and private place for rent ie “ Hostel”.  These boxes are also used in airports, railroad stations, and offices just encase you need a little bit of rest.  No, its not sweat box, each unit has perfect insulation for attaching cooling or heating.   This Box is perfect for that over night at the airport, or 3 day trip to city you been dieing to see.  For $60 a day or $15 an hour  you can just kill some time, take a nap, or spend the night without the hassle of finding a hotel.

I don’t know about you but this would be cool to see in the USA.  However, in the meantime for the those passport toting backpacker, entrepreneurs, and  exhausted adventures who don’t live in a box but this my might be perfect to catch your sleep in one… A box.   See specs below

COST:  $7000 ea ( have offices in USA and other country’s)

This is my style décor, See if it yours, Go Explore..
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