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Brooklyn NY

Everytime you step in your front door,  You should be stepping into the person you believe you should be and am. 


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*Create ColorFul Meaning with JDD*

Akhira N. Ismail

So many people are scared of color. You go inside their houses and the walls are either beige or white with beige, brown, or black furniture.  Well, unlike everyone else, I was raised in house full of color. My mother is an artist and there was not a wall in my house that was white and our furniture was moved around every season.  I remember walking into the kitchen that she just repainted from lemon yellow to sea green and the living room furniture moved into a different configuration for the winter.  The current color palette in my mother’s house is: yellow, terracotta, and pastel green, Moroccan blue, I could go on but I’m not. Although I lived a box of crayons, it made our house lively, and helped us through the grey winters. 


However, I’m not suggesting that people go out and paint every wall in their house. But a great alternative is JDD.  Not only did this company capture my attention with their bright colored furniture but also their modern styling, space solution and manifesto that make you look at design in a totally different way. Anyone who comes with a manifesto you have to respect they’re game. This UK Company created dynamic functioning, which is a balance between people, product and technology. Translation, they created furniture to solve all your design issues from color, styling, and space planning. Through the intimate seating of Norah, to the long back of Polly, or for the open space fun design solution of Edam; These stars each shine within there own design and creative spacing solutions.  Now you may not be really interested in the high back furniture that reminisces of Star Trek but they can tailor it to your specification.

So for all you colorful scary-cats channel your inner artist or my mother kitchen in JDD and bring your own manifesto to your space.  See spec below….

DESIGNER: Joseph Duffell/  James Mercy
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
STYLE:  Modern
HOW TO USE:  Commercial,  Living Room,
COST:  inquiry through website

This is my style décor, See if it yours, Go Explore..
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