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Brooklyn NY

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Compact Living: Floyd Legs

Akhira N. Ismail


On  Febuary 7th Kick starter closed  a campaign which had a goal of $18,000, however the recipients received $256,273.  With that, I must say ,“Welcome to the market the Floyd Legs company”.   Whats a Floyd leg? Floyd legs are detached iron table legs that could make a table or coffee table out any flat surface. How, by easily unscrewing the clamp to the specific height of the table and slide the flat surface in and screwing it back.  Those quick introductions is how easy it is to use this product.  That easy? That easy! Im jumping up in down because as an apartment dweller this is the best thing made since slice bread (well maybe not bread because that food and this is a table leg.. yeah you know what im say).


Now, I do not have to throw out a table because its too small or large. I would just adjust the table by cutting that table top or just changing it all together. So Floyd Legs,  as a compact living, apartment dweller myself- I want to say thank you for bring these legs to my the market.  You will have my order soon.

Name: Floyd Legs

Designers: Kyle Hoff/ Alex O’Dell

Country: Detroit, MI- USA

How to use: any table tabletop

How much: $189  set of 4 legs

Contact :