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Brooklyn NY

Everytime you step in your front door,  You should be stepping into the person you believe you should be and am. 


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** Cavern said" I can write on walls too...**

Akhira N. Ismail

I have a compulsion. I like to write on walls. As a child, my parents we’re not a fan of this which lead to many spankings.  So you can understand as an adult and a artist how I gravitated towards graffiti, chalkboard paint, wall murals and graphics etc… If you have this compulsion too, trust me, its okay because now they make stuff like this “I See You", wallpaper.  

Cavern a boutique wallpaper company created a wallpaper that brings the child out in any adult. “I see you” wallpaper is printed with many types of comic book eyes. You can choose any 2 eyes to create as many faces as you like. Now most people would use this for a child’s  room. However,  why not let your inner child come out to play.  Put up these eyes up on in your entertainment room and see how many faces your guest can create.  This is my style the decor, See if it’s yours, Go and Explore..

Name: “I see you wallpaper”
Designer: Cavern
Country: New York City and Los Angeles,  USA
How much:  $120 + per roll
Where to buy:

*Akhira I.